Dr Nicola Brady

Chair of the Synodal Steering Group

Welcome to the Irish Synodal Pathway

On 10 March 2021, the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference announced a new Synodal Pathway for the Catholic Church in Ireland leading to the holding of a National Synodal Assembly or Assemblies within the next five years. This process will focus on the question:

What does God want from the Church in Ireland at this time?

We hope this website will become an important stopping point on that journey, resourcing each one of us as we continue our Synodal journey.

Whispers of the Spirit in the Irish Church

The chiming of a bell next Saturday evening at the ancient monastic site of Clomacnoise will be significant. It calls together for silence and prayer a motley crew of well over 100 people, laity, religious, priests and bishops, all participants at a day-long...

|14. 06. 2022.

A Church Synod by Fr Sean McNulty SSC

The Synod Pope Francis has convoked is a Church synod, Fr Sean McNulty emphasises. It is a forum for listening to everybody’s experience of discipleship with compassion and tenderness. I am hoping that the Synodal Pathway will provide the Church with an opportunity...

|28. 03. 2022.

Public Consultation on Irish Synodal Pathway

The Steering Committee and Task Group for the Irish Synodal Pathway wish to express their appreciation to all who contributed to the public consultation which took place in April and May 2021. The consultation invited responses to the following question: What would...

|23. 03. 2022.

Derry Diocese steps out on its Synodal Journey

Back in October 2021, Pope Francis opened preparations for the 2023 Synod of Bishop’s Gathering in Rome which will focus on the theme “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission”. In simple terms, this Synod focuses on how we are operating and...

|25. 02. 2022.